Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year! Happy New Shop.

Well, we are out the other side of Christmas and New Year and its been a very, very busy one! We hope you had a lovely festive time.  We had a lovely time with the family but spent alot of time working on the new shop. Over the next few blogs, I will take you through the work with plenty of pictures!

So, we got the keys to our new shop on 16th December and its been all go since then.

Here is the shop when it was in full operation as The China Shop. Its a lovely looking shop, double fronted with double metal gates in front of the door. It is located on the High Street, Gillingham, Dorset in the older part of the town, opposite The Pheonix.

First day in and the plans start on how we are going to decorate the shop. There is a large shop area, an office area with space to work at a desk and space to work on furniture and a toilet, it is ideal for us. (Ollie excited to get the keys and start exploring!)

An exciting time as we plan for the opening of the shop for mid January 2012. Now the hard work begins!


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