Sunday, 8 January 2012

Clearing the Shop

The first task was to strip everything out of the shop, we are not going to need any fixtures and fittings as everything on display will be for sale.There was wooden and glass shelving with kitchen worktops. The units were very well made and was a shame to undo someone else's work but it had a good long life and it's time to give this shop a new lease of life!

It was surprising how much wood made up those units. Plenty of kindling and firewood to keep us warm over Christmas and New Year though!  It was great to get the shop back to a blank canvas and this was finished on Christmas Eve, now for a few days of!

Back after Christmas and here is my Dad and me discussing the plans for the shop that Mum and I have come up with! After much deliberation around wallpaper vs paint, sea grass vs carpet, colour schemes etc etc. The decisions were made and the paint bought and carpet ordered.

This is starting to feel like our shop! We had had so many nice comments from peole walking past, first enquiring what the shop is going to be, then how nice it is that an empty shop is coming back into operation on the high street. 

We get straight on with the painting and the shop starts to look so blog shows the transformation.....

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